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Frequently Asked Questions

We do our best to answer the most common questions we receive. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please contact us and we'll be more than happy to assist you. 

What qualifications do you have?

Melissa Bowers, Owner

Owner, Melissa Bowers, has always had a natural talent for organizing her own home and has found great enjoyment in helping her friends find organizational solutions to meet their needs. Melissa has also implemented functional organized systems at each of her jobs throughout the years to increase productivity and efficiency of those companies. Melissa has taken coursework in professional organizing from the Universal Class of Online Learning and is currently a member of Faithful Organizers. Additionally, working fifteen years in the medical field and her current work in social services has helped Melissa realize that there may be contributing medical or emotional factors to what others mistakenly perceive as laziness. With this experience, Melissa strives to compassionately help people with special needs or medical conditions contributing to chronic disorganization. When Melissa is not available to organize personally, clients may choose to work with an organizer hand-picked by Melissa for that particular project. Client can have full confidence in knowing that NPO takes great pride in client satisfaction and strives to make sure that organizers and clients are a good fit. 

What does an organizer do?

A professional organizer is a person who can help you organize the physical spaces in your life — a kitchen, an entire home, an office, or an entire business space. We take the holistic, therapeutic approach in understanding the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs associated with reducing and reorganizing clutter. We offer support during the decision-making process, work in partnership to facilitate actions around removal of unwanted belongings, and set up systems, from shelving to labels, that help clients establish (and maintain) order and clarity.

Maybe you need someone to help you sort through generations worth of family mementos — or maybe you need someone who will work with you to identify the root of why disorganization or lack of productivity is happening in the first place. Many of our clients need assistance with working through the psychological parts of organizational concerns. Professional organizers aren't just organizers, we function as productivity consultants and offer an entire spectrum of services to help people,

How much does it cost?

NPO offers a *free in-home, office, or virtual consultation to assess the goals of each client.  Organizing appointments are booked in 4-hour sessions to allow for budget and scheduling flexibility. Pricing may vary based on the size of the project, but in general NPO charges an hourly rate. Rarely, it may be determined that a request is beyond the scope of NPO’s professional expertise and NPO reserves the right to decline any project.

*To offset any travel cost, a one time flat fee of $35.00 will be charged at the time of initial consultation but will be deducted from client's first scheduled session.

What payment methods are available?

NPO accepts Cash, Check, Money Orders, Zelle, and PayPal. Credit card payments can be made through PayPal as well.  Payments are due at the time of service. A fee of $35.00 will be charged for returned checks. If a check is returned, all future payments from that client will be required in cash or money order.

What is your cancellation policy?

NPO requires a 48-hour notice of cancellation in order to give your appointment time to another client who may need it. In the event you do not cancel your appointment more than 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time, NPO will charge you a cancellation fee equivalent to half of the cost of the estimate for the scheduled appointment.

Is my privacy protected?

NPO strives to protect the privacy of each client. Any information collected on the client will be held extremely confidential and be used solely for demographical and billing information needed to provide the best services possible. At no time will your information be discussed or shared with any other party outside of the NPO family without client consent.

How far are you willing to travel?

NPO is happy to accommodate clients up to a 100 mile radius from the Kettering, Ohio area or provide Virtual Services. However, any traveling that is required beyond a 15 mile radius of our home office in Kettering, Ohio 45429 is subject to mileage charges at the IRS rate then in effect.  For example, if the client lives 45 miles away from Kettering Ohio, thirty (30) miles both directions will be subject to the above mileage charge. Under special circumstances, N Perfect Order may be willing to travel outside the above 100 mile radius. Please feel free to inquire.

What if I have animals?

Animals should be contained for the protection of the consultant. We know our clients love their animals as we love ours. However, to minimize liability, no exceptions will be made.

What do I have to do before you come?

You don't need to do anything before the consultation. It is best for the NPO consultant to see the client in their current environment. This is important for the consultant to know what systems need to be implemented to help prevent falling back into a pattern of disorganization. So, please do not feel ashamed or like you need to "clean up" before we arrive. We are not coming to judge your organizational skills. We understand you contacted us for a reason and we look forward to assisting you with your concerns.

Do I have to be present while you are organizing?

Because many people have an emotional attachment to their belongings, it is important for the client to be available. The N Perfect Order consultant will work closely with the client (and family if necessary) to determine which items should be kept. It is the goal of the consultant to encourage but not force the release of items that may be causing clutter.

Do you supply and install the product if I need organizing supplies? Do I have to buy anything?

The needs of each project are unique and will be assessed during the initial consultation. We work within each client’s budget to keep costs down. To do this, we will try to utilize what the client already has within the home. If supplies are needed for purchase, it will be discussed prior to purchase and client will be responsible for the cost of supplies. Simple installations will be provided if necessary. For bigger installations and on rare occasions, we may refer client to a third-party contractor.

What happens to the stuff I decide I no longer need?

It will be the client's responsibility to arrange pick up for anything being discarded as trash. There are three options: (1) Your consultant can help you organize a garage/yard sale. (2) Schedule a pick-up appointment from a charitable organization of your choice. (3) With a signed consent waiving ownership of any item as personal property, N Perfect Order is happy to haul away items that can be recycled, refurbished, or donated at no additional cost to the client.

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