residential clients

NPO assists residential clients with organizing home spaces including bedrooms, kitchens, garages, storage areas (sheds, etc.), bathrooms, and more. If you need help organizing your home, call us today. Together we'll work out a plan to organize your home. 

small business owners 

NPO assists small business owners with organizing and putting into place functional systems to help you be more productive in your work environment. If you need assistance cleaning up your office and establishing filing systems or  the like, NPO can help. 

health care professionals 

NPO would like to network with YOU, the professional. NPO works with local area mental health professionals to assist their clients with acquiring and hoarding habits.  ​Let us show you how our therapeutic approach to organizing can be beneficial to your client and your practice by giving extra support and care through practical application. 





N Perfect Order Professional Organizing LLC uses client input and on-site observation to conduct a comprehensive personal organizing consultation.

N Perfect Order Professional Organizing LLC schedules follow-up  appointments with clients at agreed upon intervals, adjusting goals and strategies as needed.

Once we have established client goals we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.

We identify areas of concern and discuss processes to take your personal organizing experience to the next level. 

PROFESSIONAL organizing services

Who we help

Our clients are frequently one of the following:

Areas of expertise

Chronic Disorganization | ADHD | Depression | Bereaved | Stress | Acquiring & Hoarding | Downsizing & Moving | Physically Disabled | Senior Living | Time Management | Paper Clutter | Small Business Efficiency

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