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Out of clutter, find simplicity...

-Albert Einstein

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, 
​N Perfect Order can help!

"putting life n

perfect order"

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  • Do you feel buried under piles of paper clutter or has your desk, table, or countertop become unusable? 
  • Do you have piles of clothes on the floor while your closets and drawers are cram packed?
  • Do you panic when someone announces a surprise visit or avoid answering the door?
  • Do you often forget to pay or misplace your bills?
  • Do you waste valuable time searching for misplaced items?
  • Do you buy things in multiples in case you need or misplace them?
  • Do you have difficulty deciding what to keep and what should be discarded?
  • Do you have difficulty making decisions about how to organize or store belongings?
  • Do you have trouble remembering where things are?
  • Do you often feel frustrated because life seems “out of control”?



- Chronic Disorganization
- Depression
- Bereaved
- Stress
- Hoarding & Acquiring
- Downsizing & Moving
- Physically Disabled
- Senior Living
- Time Management
- Paper Clutter 

- Small Business Efficiency


N Perfect Order, LLC or NPO is a professional organizing company located in Kettering, Ohio. The owner and manager, Melissa Bowers, has 15+ years of natural talent and experience organizing homes and offices. This experience ranges from small projects such as reorganizing a backyard shed to larger projects such as purging the home of someone who battles with compulsive hoarding. Ms. Bowers also has 15 years of experience in the medical field and knows the importance of treating each client with respect and sensitivity.

NPO partners with individuals, small business owners, healthcare professionals (and their clients), to help put lives N Perfect Order by assisting with organizing and purging challenges. We help by establishing functional systems of organization as well as teaching tips and techniques to ensure your home or office remains N Perfect Order.

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